Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Exponential Musician" Workshop for The Main Line Music Teachers Association

The Main Line Music Teachers Association would like to invite you and your students to "The Exponential Musician", a special workshop featuring Pianist and Technology Advocate Hugh Sung on Tuesday, March 10, 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at St. Peter's Church in the Great Valley, 2495 St. Peter's Road, Malvern, PA 19335 (for directions via Google Maps, click here.) A light lunch will be provided for all participants.


Admission is free to all members of the Main Line Music Teachers' Association, and $10 for non-member participants. For more information, please contact Cindy Bull at 484-237-8821 or Bev Byers at 610-695-0164.

About The Main Line Music Teachers' Association

Founded in 1974 as the Upper Main Line Piano Teachers, the Main Line Music Teachers Association has always had as its goal to raise the standard of independent music teaching in the surrounding area to a professional level through a program of meetings, recitals and festivals.

The Main Line Music Teachers chapter is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association.

The Exponential Musician Workshop

"The Exponential Musician" is a special workshop featuring Pianist and Technology Advocate Hugh Sung. In this workshop, Hugh will present live demonstrations on various technologies that can exponentially enhance 3 primary areas of music: Pedagogy, Performance, and Practice.

Exponential Pedagogy

Hugh will demonstrate how using computers as music readers can exponentially improve the pedagogy of music. Using programs such as MusicReader and Audacity, you'll discover innovative ways to apply digital ink and audio/visual cues to dramatically improve the speed and quality of the study of music.

Exponential Performance

From hands-free wireless page turning systems, to the inclusion of visual effects with the Visual Recital concept, you'll be exposed to innovative ideas to enhance stage presence, motivate your students, and engage today's audiences in new and thrilling ways!

Exponential Practice

It's never been easier or more affordable to leverage the power of the Internet to improve your musical practice and expand your teaching studio! From setting up free websites to creating new products for residual income with no money down, Hugh will share his expertise on Internet marketing to help create new opportunities for musicians in today's challenging economic climate.  Hugh's blog at is dedicated to helping musicians adopt technologies to enhance their art and lifestyle, and is currently one of the most popular classical music blogs on the Internet.


More Info

If your school or organization would like to host an "Exponential Musician" Workshop, please contact

About Hugh Sung

Hugh Sung is a passionate advocate for the use of technologies to help and enhance the art and lifestyle of musicians. He currently serves as Director of Student Recitals and Instrumental Accompaniment at The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, and is an active collaborative and solo performer around the world. Hugh has an extensive recorded library available through several premiere online distributers such as iTunes and

Hugh's blog at is one of the most popular classical music blogs on the Internet. In addition to his musical and Internet activities, Hugh is also one of the founders of AirTurn, Inc., a company which creates hands-free wireless page turning transmitters for musicians. Hugh currently serves as its VP of Marketing.

The Exponential Musician Workshop is sponsored in part by AirTurn, Inc.

If you would like to host "The Exponential Musician" workshop at your school or music organization, please email